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Lugia and Articuno

New Official Lugia Plush!

Posted by Articuno on 20th of February 2015 at 9:36 AM
Number of Views: 118

The Pokemon Center in Japan are releasing new Pokemon plush toys on March 7th and guess what!? Lugia is one of them!

No details of size yet but it looks promising to be fairly decent! I will update with more information when I can get my hands on one of these, will you be getting one too?!

Lugia and Articuno

New(ish) Name and New Direction

Posted by Articuno on 03rd of February 2015 at 9:59 AM
Number of Views: 167

The Sky Temple has always been referred to by its shortened name and its abbreviation, rarely ever "The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno".

For this reason and many others, the community and I believe it is time for a change!

Let's steer TST in the direction of flying Pokmon and make it a flying paradise! Let's drop Lugia and Articuno from the name, no longer will TST be a total Lugia and Articuno fan site. Of course we will still feature Lugia and Articuno and they shall remain our trusty site mascots, but it is time to finally emphasize all other winged-Pokmon and give them the love they deserve!

Yes you did read it correctly; winged Pokmon! This means those that are privileged enough to be able to fly rather than just those that boast the flying type!

Along with changing the name and the direction of the site, we have future plans to change the main domain to TheSkyTemple.com, move onto a dedicated server (with a server administrator to take care of it) and upgrade the main site, forums and galleries! The research for this will be taking up most of my time and effort for the next few months as we plan to move everything all at once. In the meantime it is unlikely I will make any major changes to the site.
Hopefully we will have a repeat of 2010 and TST will come back bigger and better!! ^v^

Lugia and Articuno

Forum Updates

Posted by Articuno on 29th of January 2015 at 5:10 AM
Number of Views: 71

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that a few boards have disappeared or moved around, I've done some tidying up which should hopefully improve the situation of empty/inactive boards.
Here is a list of the changes I have made:

- Cute, new Lugia/Articuno X/Y animations for the Lugia and Articuno forum theme.
- Switched the Welcome board and the News board around.
- The Pokmon Cards board is now a child of the Merchandise board.
- The Pokmon Games section has been removed and a single Pokmon Games board was moved to the Pokmon Discussion section.
- Merged the Entertainment and Games Galore boards into Random Chatter.
- Moved Forum Games and Role Playing into the Misc section.
- Renamed the Creativity and Interaction section to just Creativity.

If we find that activity in these areas increases once more, we can always separate the boards out again :> For now I believe this will do us nicely.

I am currently also in the process of re-making the awards. Feel free to view the available awards by clicking the Awards tab at the top of the forum or by going to view profile and clicking "Show available awards".

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